Friday, July 9, 2010

Moving it....

about a week ago over on A Balanced Lifestyle I talked about walking. How many steps a day do you take?

Why? Because I was working on some weight loss (and did loose some weight) but over the past few weeks, work got hectic, studying, taking the kids to their sports and activities and where did that leave me?? Not taking enough steps in my daily life.

10,000 steps is what we need to take to MAINTAIN our current weight. YIKES

So I decided to dig out my pedometer and just see how much movement I really did! Now this week was a HEAT WAVE here, but I still managed to get out for a daily walk/jog. Just had to get up early or go late!

Monday 11,500 steps (I golfed 9 holes so was easy to get there even though I worked all day)
Tuesday 6,000 steps (managed a small walk and worked all day)
Wednesday 9,000 steps (again all day work but played field hockey)
Thursday 10,000 steps ( study day, but walked, swam, walked)
Friday 12,000 steps far and its 2pm! I managed to go for a jog in the pouring rain!! I've been studying and doing house work.

My point is depending on what you do for a living it is HARD to get the 10,000 min steps in unless you give it some effort.

There is a "law of physical activity" - use it or lose it!

Simple law - yes, but easy - no. How ever no excuses. I know its no fun to walk, I'm tired, I work long hours, its too hot out, raining, cold, its boring, and 1/2 million other excuses. I know because I've used them (and still do sometimes) too!!!

However after tracking my steps this week, which I plan to continue for a few weeks just to see how I do, I realized something .... just do it! Physical activity isn't something we can just ignore. Trust me on this one, just get up off the couch, chair or whatever! If you do that right now and just move 1/2 hour every day in a while you will feel so much better!

Lets put it this way, if you do start moving think about how you will feel even a year from now? Just moving a bit will allow to stay healthier. You will feel more energetic, more flexible, better breathing, more toned and maybe even loose a bit of weight. You cannot go wrong.

So how about it?

Just move!!!

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